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Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the debut issue of the Northeastern University Food Journal! We are so excited to share this publication with our friends, families, and food lovers  everywhere.

When we set out to start writing this journal, we did so with the belief that everybody has ideas to share about food. Food serves as a direct connection to our environment, our heritage, and our loved ones. Some people relate to it through cooking, some through hard work in the garden, and others just through eating. Whatever food means to you, I hope that you can find something you love in the NU Food Journal.

That being said, eating in America has changed dramatically in the past several decades. Never before have we been so disconnected from the land which sustains us, and convenience rules over quality more often than not. It is time to start examining and questioning the modern relationship with food. We hope that our writing and photography can serve to raise some of these questions, while also celebrating everything there is to love about food.

Two months ago, a few of us sat down for dinner together and came up with the idea for this publication. We have quickly grown into a dedicated team of writers, editors, photographers and designers. I look forward to working with this great group of friends next semester, and I encourage our readers to join us as well. Please enjoy!

Happy eating,

Anthony Zunino

Editor in Chief

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